Hilary Da Veiga, Founder and Managing Trustee - The Lord's Ranch Trust 
Successful in the oil field and living in Dubai, Mr. DaVeiga decided it was time to give back. He planned to have a complete self contained and self sufficient little village for the Lord's people with plantation, Animal husbandry, water, electricity, and Gobar gas of its own. After years of struggle getting the road through the mountains and other amenities and construction completed, the doors of the Lords Ranch finally open on 31st December 2006. Subsequently, he partnered with Mr. Tellis to establish a  pluralistic drug rehabilitation facility on the premises.

Eldred Tellis, Director - Good Shepherd Recovery Home
Mr. Tellis worked as a counselor, trained in the TC methodology in Daytop and later became the Executive Director of Seva Dhan in Mumbai till 1991. Eldred moved into Harm Reduction and has been involved with Opioid Substitution Therapy since 1999. With 27 years of being clean, Eldred is presently an Ashoka Fellow and the organization he founded in 1995, Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust, is the Red Ribbon Award winner for 2008 for providing community leadership among IDUs. Partnering with Mr. Da Veiga, Mr. Tellis started rehabilitating drug users at the Lord's Ranch on February 2, 2010 and inaugurated the newly built Good Shepherd Recovery Home on February 18, 2011.

Fernando Ferreira, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Fernando was successfully rehabilitated at the Good Shepherd Recovery Home in 2010 and was subsequently appointed as a staff member. A retired dentist, he has now dedicated his life to working at the ranch. He teaches singing and also serves as a peer counselor.

Samson Pereira, Centre in Charge

Samson has a Masters Degree in Social Work from the College of Social Work in Ahmednagar. He joined on 19th June 2014.

Ejaz Khan, Counsellor

Ejaz who is a recovering drug user has been working as a counsellor at the centre since April 2011. An ideal role model, Ejaz can get the best out of the members.

Bhasker Kandadai, Counsellor 

A commerce graduate, Bhasker came from Bangalore for his Rehab and has stayed back to help others and strengthen his recovery.