Rules and Regulations

Prior to being accepted for treatment at the Good Shepherd Recovery Home, clients are expected to sign a contract agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1) The three Cardinal Rules of the centre of no drugs, sex, and violence will be adhered to strictly.

2) There will be no phone calls allowed for a minimum of 30 days. Further permission will depend on the progress of the individual.

3) Family visits will not be permitted for a minimum period of 60 days. Family members will get updated from the staff at fixed intervals (15 days).

4) Personal belongings to be brought to the centre will be restricted as per the requirement list given. No cash or valuables will be permitted.

5) Catholics will be expected to participate in the daily rosary at the grotto and also attend the Eucharist celebration as and when a priest is available.

6) All activities within the programme like meditation, work, games, etc. are compulsory for all.

7) The center, its staff, and affiliates, shall not be responsible for any actions on behalf of the client, whether self-inflicted or otherwise, which may endanger his life or the life of others.