About Us

The 500 acre property which is home to the Lord's Ranch and the Good Shepherd Recovery Home was purchased in 2000 by Hilary De Veiga. It is located in the lush rolling hills outside of Pune in the backwaters of Warasgaon Dam. After years of construction and preparation, the Lord's Ranch was inaugurated on December 31, 2006. The site is isolated from any outside intervention, allowing for a serene place to concentrate on recovery while eliminating any possibility of temptation. 

Rehabilitation of addicts began in 2010 on the premises of the Lord's Ranch, while the independent Good Shepherd Recovery Home was under construction on the next hill. On February 18, 2011 the centre was inaugurated under the guidance of His Lordship Bishop Thomas Dabre of Pune, Mr. and Mrs. Hilary De Veiga, and Mr. Eldred Tellis and attended by the staff of Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust and guests from all over India and abroad.

The Good Shepherd Recovery Home's approach to rehabilitation is a comprehensive 3-4 month program. In addition to daily group and individual counseling sessions, clients are educated in the philosophy and process of Narcotics Anonymous and encouraged to adhere to the program. The counselors help the clients analyze their past experiences and personal relationships as well as help them plan for their future, develop a strategy for staying clean, and plan their home visits. Furthermore, clients perform daily work therapy which includes activities like cleaning and maintenance, working in the vegetable garden, attending to the chickens, and cooking.

The program creates a sense of community and brotherhood among the clients and encourages them to help each other in the recovery process. With the help of the qualified staff, uniquely calm and beautiful surroundings, and a carefully structured program the Good Shepherd Recovery Home leads all our clients to a life free of substance dependence.